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Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Reconnecting Taipei

Project By: Lakhan B. Chachane

Design Status: Finalist in Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2020.

Shezi Island is located in the Northwest side of Taipei City, starting from the seventh section and ending at the ninth section of Yangping road. Constituted of Fujou village and Fuan village, the whole area is about 5 square kilometers and has a population of 11,120. It is basically a sandbank that has been shaped by the river.

During the reclamation era, growing a lot of big families, such as the Wang Residence in Xidi, Li Residence in Yan Building, or the Residence of Li Zhongji. The settle down and prosperous of these families has strong relation to the development of the agriculture. Because of this, Shezi Island has become the agricultural production base in the early age of Taipei. During the peak time, it even supplied 30% of the demand in Taipei City. Now, the Shezi Island is more like a forgotten land in Taipei. By the sides of the narrowed roads, there are still many red brick houses. The streets, where you rarely see people, are filled with the atmosphere of the countryside in south Taiwan. Now currently Shezi island facing some problems which are flood, loss of connection with city and loss of biodiversity and character and place. The aim is to design a Resilience Landscape Infrastructure for Urban flood mitigation of Tamsui River for protection of Shezi village. In urban areas all over Asia, we are living in high density urban city. Provided with ease of advance technology infrastructure, the character of nature is frequently overlooked. In Shezi village, especially northern shezi residents live next to Tamsui river. These people have been facing flood issues from so many years. Benefits of this project will be, it will Provides a new model for urban hydrology through the instrument of landscape infrastructure, addressing flash flood management while creating access to a thriving riverine ecology within the dense city, Erosion and flood protection and Food and shelter for entire ecosystem in the area.

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