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Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona


Formally this project employs the strategy of Double Negative, the condition of at least two subtractive volumes producing a third condition at the intersection. This generalized abstracting procedure provides an unexpected formal and theoretical language from spatial projective drawing, which can be read as a set of potential three-dimensional spaces and forms. This threedimensional construct does not privilege a particular orientation, although the individual objects can seemingly have their directionality, and the implied balance or ‘compositional tension’ between the substantial volume and the volume of the voids can thus be explored. With the proliferation of online media, it may seem paradoxical to design a library program. In fact, the web has been credited for fueling an increase in library use that, in turn, has led to a library boom. While fewer books are being borrowed, library visits are up by millions of people a year. Contemporary library design reveals attitudes that have developed over this consumption of information – either as a realm for new experiences or in its resistance to programmatic transformation.

Project By: Abel Jin

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